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ADA Complient Made in the USA

WINGITS® - The Commercial Leader In Quality ADA Products (Shower Seats, Tub Benches, Portable Tub Benches, Grab Bars and the WINGITS® Fastener)

WINGITS® 2012 Compliant Program Offers:

Correct ADA Compliant Products
Correct ADA Compliant Installation Method
Correct ADA Compliant Installation Location

THE BEAST - Stainless Steel Grab Bar WINGITS® (5" screw)


  • Exceeds ADA Guidelines and ALL Building Codes
  • Eliminates the need for structural blocking
  • NEVER Loosens
  • Waterproof and Fireproof
  • Rated up to 800 lbs. in drywall and tile
  • Used to install WINGITS® Grab Bars

The GBW50 (5" screw) Stainless Steel Grab Bar WINGITS®
World's Strongest Fastener® - Exceeds ADA Criteria. 2010 ADAAG and 2009 ANSI Standards. For the last 15 years, millions of Grab Bars have been successfully installed with WINGITS® Grab Bar Fastening system without a single issue. The GBW40 WINGITS® is specified and/or approved in Healthcare, Government, Institutional and Commercial Markets – Including Every Major Hotel Chain throughout North America. It eliminates the need for structural blocking and NEVER Loosens. The GBW50 is 100% waterproof utilizing 3M's VHB tape. Rated up to 800 lbs. in drywall and tile and in 1/4" fiberglass tub surrounds. When installing the GBW50 into Ceramic Wall Tile, Plaster or Marble, use the Industrial Grade Carbide APACHE200™ drill bit for quick precise holes, 1.25" hole required. Designed for 2" x 4" hollow walls and wall substrates from 1.50" - 2.5" thick. Now you can install a grab bar EXACTLY where you want it - EXACTLY where you need it. Used to install WINGITS® Grab Bars, World's Strongest Grab Bars. Proudly Made In The USA.
Please click here to download the Installation guide. [.pdf format]

Commercial Grab Bar Fastening System Installation Guide
WINGITS® Grab Bar Fastening Systems Exceeds Building Codes For Grab Bars In The Following Wall Substrates:
  • 5/8” Drywall - Painted or Wallpapered
  • 1/2” or 5/8” Drywall with Tub Surrounds
  • 1/2” or 5/8” Drywall with Tile, Marble or Stone
  • 1/2” or 5/8” Drywall with any Panel Types including Fiberglass, Faux Marble, Acrylic and Plastics
  • Multiple Layers of Drywall, Plaster and Lathe
  • 1/4” Acrylic/Fiberglass Tub Surrounds
  • Most Wall Panels, All Masonry Type Boards

Before You Install: ADAAG recommends Grab Bars be installed horizontally 33” - 36” from the floor.
  • Verify the length of the grab bar by measuring from the inside of one flange to the outside of the other.
  • To ensure adequate clearance, a stud finder should be used to verify there are no studs within the area where the WingIts® will be installed. Make sure that there is at least 1.5” away from the edge of the stud. If concerned, drill a pilot hole and insert a piece of wire in the shape of an “L” - twirl the wire to make sure there is nothing in the way. Once inserted, each wing assembly will spring open almost 3” in diameter
  • Tools Required: Screwdriver, 1.25” Drill (our APACHE200 rated at 200 holes in ceramic wall tile)

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