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ADA Complient Made in the USA

WINGITS® - The Commercial Leader In Quality ADA Products (Shower Seats, Tub Benches, Portable Tub Benches, Grab Bars and the WINGITS® Fastener)

WINGITS® 2012 Compliant Program Offers:

Correct ADA Compliant Products
Correct ADA Compliant Installation Method
Correct ADA Compliant Installation Location

WINGITS® Fasteners

World's Strongest Fasteners® - Patented World Wide. Meets and exceeds ADA guidelines and ALL building codes.

Grab Bar Fastening Solutions

Master Anchor


There are three types of TV wall mounts - Low-Profile, Tilting and Full Motion. WingIts can be used on Low Profile and Tilting type Wall Mounts. The best installation would be to install screws into the wall stud and the WingIts where there are no studs.

To learn more about the different types of Wall Mounts, please follow this link

Shower Rod/Bath Accessories

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