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Design a custom commercial shower with our interactive emulator tool.

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Total Shower Solution
Cast marble Slider

Total Shower

Craft the ultimate bath experience with ShowerLuxe™ doors, cast marble pans and panels, and matching accessories.

Matte Black
Matte Black

Matte black

Indulge yourself with our opulent Matte Black finish, perfect for adding an air of luxury to any project you’re specifying.

Lighted Mirrors
LED Mirror


Beautiful, top-quality lighted mirrors enhance
any bath space and are customizable, too.

Solid Surfae material
Solid Surface Bathroom


The forefront of innovation: WingIts® exclusive
INVIDIA™ collection is the first of its kind.

Complete Closet System
grab bar


The world's strongest free-standing closet system!

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industry leaders

With 3 times the specifications of our competitors combined in hospitality, WingIts® is a leader in commercial bath accessories and room solutions.
3.17 Million Rooms in North America, 3.04 Billion Guest Experiences
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The #1 Specified
Bath Accessory Brand
for Hospitality

WingIts® is the leader in stainless steel bath accessories, room solutions, and custom products for commercial markets throughout North America.

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explore our cast marble collection

WingIts® Cast Marble products combine the durable sustainability of modern materials with the timeless look of classic marble or tile, all at a fraction of the cost. With an anti-scratch and non-porous surface, Cast Marble is the perfect solution for any project.

masters of materials

We work tirelessly on perfecting every single product before it goes to market. We stand behind our mantra of superior quality products. 

hospitality, Multifamily, & senior living

For every project – small to large, affordable to luxury – our solutions span all lifestyles delivering the best value and return on investment.

ADA Consulting

We are the ADA-compliance specialists. WingIts® products exceed ADA compliance regulations while meeting local and state codes. We work with you to create a more dynamic, safe, and convenient bathroom lifestyle.

The Solution Company

The WingIts® team will consult with you to design innovative solutions for your specific project, delivering custom prototypes in as little as 6 weeks. Count on the power of our partnership for manufacturing expertise, on-time delivery, unmatched quality and superior value. 

Why WingIts®?

  • 3x more specifications than all our hospitality competitors, combined
  • Stellar customer service, every step of the way
  • Superior quality backed by our patented fasteners
  • Product prototypes in as little as 6 weeks
  • Patented products and processes
  • Continuous product innovation
  • 25+ years of success… and still growing